It's not all talk you know...


The Process

I'll come and meet with you and have a chat about your requirements and how we both think your requirements can be met.  This could be anything from me writing a script and getting on the 'phone to being a face-face body at a trade show.

Sales is about people and whichever route to market you take, it has to be about your customer and connecting with them, understanding their needs and providing what they want, in a way that suits them.  With this in mind, I don't turn up and just 'get in front of them' as it's not the most effective way for me to help you achieve your aim.  My approach is very conversational and empathetic, I want the person I'm talking to to feel like I'm on the path with them to buying your service or product.  It's a longer term view, one I believe in and that has proven effective, as well as building customer retention levels.

I take pride in what I do and if the company I'm working with believes they have the best solution to their customers needs, I can work with overcoming objections and putting you forward as the best in your market.

Your Project

Sales is something that we all need to do in some format or another to make our businesses work.  You could be launching a new product/service to market, increasing your bottom line sales based on your current offering or looking at ways to expand.  Whatever your reason for looking for sales support in all its functions, I can help.  Contact me to discuss your latest project.

I am up to speed with GDPR and PECR in relation to calling on a B2B/B2C basis and am on the ICO register of fee payers.  It's not the end of telephone lead generation BUT the rules are more stringent.  If you're doing things properly and showing a professional courtesy towards your customers/target market, it shouldn't be an issue.

It's all about the data in terms of how you got it, if you checked it against the relevant TPS/CTPS information, giving a clear opt in/out policy during the call, recording that information correctly on your systems to avoid unwanted calls and then showing that process in relation to your project.