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I'm not going to tell you how innovative I am, or that my approach is 'unrivaled' or what my 'vision' is.  It's generic copy and what I offer isn't generic. 


My background covers Financial Services, Travel, MoD, Construction and Recruitment covering everything from Sales, PR, Business Development, Project Administration, Telesales to Executive Assistant.  This has equipped me with a wide range of skills and insights that demonstrate value in many different contexts for companies looking to optimise their operations or grow their business.

My perspective is all encompassing and I'm solution and results driven.  The reason you set up your business, be it supplying goods or offering a service is that you plug a gap your competitors don't.  As such, your connection with your customers is on that basis; they want what you've got, your speciality, your way of doing things. 

I have a client-centric approach and I not only need to understand your core business but also what makes you different to your competitors.  That is your strength, and I believe, that's the starting point for all routes forward.


I'd love to be in a position of knowing everything but I'm constantly learning, especially around Digital Marketing!  I'm consistently honing my skills and maintaining a learning mindset not only to add value to clients but because at heart I'm a bit of a geek. 

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