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CV consultation

The Process

Based in the UK, I work with professionals at all levels in their career and operate a one-to-one tailor made, bespoke professional ATS optimised CV consultation.


The CV writing process is a collaborative one to produce a compelling results-driven CV. I will evaluate the design, layout, impact and written content covering skills and achievements whilst addressing the key criteria of the position you’re aiming for. This highlights tangible value to potential employers.

The starting point for all CV rewrites is an in depth consultation of around 1 to 2 hours dependent on your career to date and objectives. This process enables an achievement led CV whilst ensuring the content is clear and effective ensuring the content will be in a linear, chronological and logical order.


This stage of the process and the time given is fundamental to your CV. The depth and breadth of the areas covered at this stage have previously uncovered competencies and sometimes a change of focus that clients haven’t consciously even been aware of.


The editing process checks tone, accuracy, format, uneven presentation, grammar, spelling and that the CV is compliant with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) algorithms and parsing.  For more information about Parsing please click here.


Once I receive your order, I will ask you to provide a copy of your current CV. On receipt of this, I will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment for a telephone/video call based consultation; this discussion enables us to obtain all the relevant information required to compose your initial draft document.  If you don't currently have a CV or this is your first one, please email me here and I will send you a form to fill in which will be our starting point.


You will then be able to review your document (PDF Draft Copy) and let me know if you have any alterations or additions you would like to include. Once you are fully satisfied, your order will be completed by way of emailing you a word copy of your document and any other items ordered will be prepared.


Prices start at £125 for an entry level CV (0-5 years experience) up to £225 for the more senior level CV. The price difference is purely down to time spent as senior level CV’s often take around 10 hours (average)


Documents are produced in Word and PDF files

Revisions to career and profile sections are unlimited (10 days from ordering) to completion to ensure 100% satisfaction.


Turnaround to first draft documents from consultation is within 5 working days and the review process is led by you and your schedule within the 10 day period from initial order.



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