I'm not going to tell you how innovative I am, that my approach is 'unrivaled' or what my 'vision' is.  It's generic copy and my offering isn't generic.


My background covers roles in Travel, Finance, Aviation, Defence and Construction doing everything from Sales, PR, Business Development, Project Administration, Telesales and PA roles.  I have a diverse number of skills that led me to set up Admin Gofer, as I have a knack for streamlining approaches in the Administration and Sales/Business Development fields.

My approach is all encompassing.  The reason you set up your business, be it supplying goods or offering a service is that you fill a gap that your competitors don't.  As such, your connection with your customers is on that basis; they want what you've got, your speciality, your way of doing things. 

When I work with you, I not only need to understand your core business but what makes you different to your competitors.  That is your strength, and I believe, that's the starting point for all routes forward.  It's a very easy focus to lose amongst bottom line figures, the day to day workings and trying to increase or not lose your customer base.